Anger Management

Are you experiencing difficulties with anger management? Anger is a perfectly natural emotion which affects all of us from time to time. It is a completely normal response to something that stimulates us in a displeasing way. For example, we may become angry when someone criticises us or when we feel something is unfair or unjust. However, anger is usually a temporary reaction which passes quickly, allowing us to return to a more positive state of mind. Anger can be a problem, however, if we are unable to keep it under control. Failure to manage anger effectively can have adverse effects on certain areas of our lives including our relationships with other people. Research suggests that being unable to manage or control anger may also be linked to serious physical problems.

If you feel that you have issues with anger management that you’d like to resolve, hypnotherapy may be able to help. Following an initial consultation where we’ll discuss your individual experience of anger, we’ll begin hypnotherapy sessions designed specifically for your needs. We’ll start with relaxation techniques and will progress to strategies designed to help you manage and control anger more effectively, through positive suggestion to your subconscious mind.

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