Anxiety And Panic

Hypnotherapy can be a highly effective treatment for anxiety and panic.

Anxiety and panic can affect any one of us at any time. From my own personal experience, I know how extremely frightening and debilitating it can be. It often manifests itself without warning, leaving us feeling that we’re alone and unable to cope.

When we feel anxious, it can have an adverse effect on areas of our lives like our confidence, self-esteem and our relationships with other people. At its worst, we may suffer frightening panic attacks, which can lead to us avoiding certain situations. This, in turn, means we can become isolated and lonely, and disconnected from the people around us.

If you are considering treatment for anxiety or panic, hypnotherapy could help you. I’ll work with you to try to identify the root cause of your issues, designing hypnotherapy sessions specifically for your individual needs. Following an initial consultation we’ll start with deep relaxation techniques, progressing to visualisation designed to desensitise you from your feelings of anxiety and panic. When we work under hypnosis, we can make positive suggestions directly to your subconscious mind while you are deeply relaxed. Although it is likely you’ll need several sessions, results tend to be fast and are designed for permanent change. I’ve worked with many clients who have suffered from anxiety and panic and after a few sessions they are generally surprised at how the treatment has helped with other issues, for example, an improved sleep pattern, a growth in confidence, and really importantly, a feeling of regaining control. My techniques are also really effective for clients who may be feeling anxious about an upcoming event like public speaking, sitting an important examination and even driving anxiety.

If you are suffering from anxiety and panic, then help and support is available. Please get in touch with me to arrange your free initial consultation.  I am conveniently located in Blackwood, Gwent in the Caerphilly borough and can offer both daytime and evening appointments. You can contact me on 07580 424076 or complete the contact form – I try to reply to email messages within a few hours. However, sometimes replies are delivered to secondary folders; please check so that we can arrange your appointment as soon as is convenient. I really look forward to hearing from you.

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