Depression is a serious medical condition that can affect any one of us at any time. Depression is more than feeling a little sad or down for a short period of time. It is a serious mental health condition for which there is no single underlying cause. Although there are many symptoms, these are some of the most common:

  • Constant low mood
  • A lack of motivation
  • A lack of tolerance for others
  • Feeling anxious/worried
  • Feeling unable to enjoy life
  • Feeling tearful
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Loss of appetite

If you are suffering from depression, then you should seek professional medical help. Hypnotherapy is not a replacement for medical interventions, although, as a complementary therapy, it can work well alongside them. Some studies have shown that, for some people, hypnotherapy for depression can be more effective than cognitive behavioural therapy. Under hypnosis, you’ll be in a perfectly safe, deeply relaxed state during which your subconscious mind is open to positive suggestion. Following your initial free consultation, we’ll work together to identify the root causes of your symptoms. We’ll then follow up with hypnotherapy sessions designed to address the causes. You will not be required to revisit past traumatic events which may have triggered your symptoms. We’ll be concentrating on how you’re feeling at the present time, guiding you forward to a more positive future. When you’re under hypnosis, we can start to create positive change, for example, we can introduce coping strategies which may help to reduce or eliminate your symptoms. We can also work on techniques designed to increase your overall happiness and positivity. It is likely that you’ll need several sessions but you should notice a change early on in your treatment.

If you’d like my help, then please get in touch to arrange your initial free, no obligation consultation. You can call me on 07580 424076 or complete the contact form and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

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