Pain Management

If you are having difficulties with pain management, hypnotherapy may be able to help you. However, if you are experiencing pain, you should always seek immediate medical advice.

Pain can be categorised in two ways:

Acute pain: This is short term pain which subsides quickly. It may occur, for example, from a cut or other minor injury.

Chronic pain: This is prolonged pain which can last for months or even years. This may occur as a result of conditions like arthritis.

Hypnotherapy is never a replacement for professional medical advice. However, as a complementary therapy, it can work effectively alongside it. Following an initial consultation where we’ll discuss your symptoms in detail, we’ll follow up with hypnotherapy sessions which will be tailored to your individual experience of pain. Under hypnosis, you’ll be in a perfectly safe and deep state of relaxation. During hypnosis, your subconscious mind will be responsive to positive suggestion, designed to help you manage your pain more effectively. Although it is likely that you’ll need several sessions, hypnotherapy is designed to work quickly and you could see a significant change early on in the process.

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