Stress Management

If you’re having difficulties with stress management, hypnotherapy may be able to help you. Stress is a perfectly natural and necessary reaction that affects all of us from time to time. It occurs when there are demands placed upon us that require us to take immediate action. This, in turn, initiates our ‘fight or flight’ response, prompting us to take the necessary action to diffuse the stressful situation.

However, when the demands placed upon us exceed the mental resources we have to deal with them, stress can become problematic, and can leave us feeling we are unable to cope. Periods of prolonged stress can have serious consequences for both our mental and physical health. Hypnotherapy, however, can be a really effective intervention for stress management. If you are suffering from stress, whether work-related/occupational stress or you’re experiencing stress at home, help and support is available.

It is likely that you’ll need several hypnotherapy sessions but you should notice a positive change very quickly. At your initial consultation, we’ll discuss your symptoms of stress in detail to try to establish the root cause. We’ll begin hypnotherapy sessions initially focusing on deep relaxation techniques, progressing to coping strategies and visualisation techniques to help reduce your symptoms, through positive suggestion to your subconscious mind.

If you’re suffering from stress and would like my help, please get in touch to arrange your initial, free consultation. You can call me on 07580 424076 or complete the contact form and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

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