‘Thanks for your help Carys, I came to you seeking an answer to a problem that I have endured for ten years or more. I take part in a group activity that I help to run, during this activity when I take responsibility for the group, I have to stand before up to 30 people and explain what will happen and what risks are involved during the next few hours. I have always had an aversion to public speaking, I get anxious and nervous the evening before, and also on the way to the venue, this has the unpleasant effect making me incontinent, I saw my G.P who recommended that I give up the activity, this I declined to do and so sought the help of Carys at Oaks Hypnotherapy. We had a long consultation, followed a week later by the first session of hypnotherapy, I found this to be a pleasant experience, and on driving home was aware of being more relaxed than I am normally. Days later I visited my autistic grandson, who because of his condition is hyperactive and repetitive, I have always found it stressful to stay with him for any length of time and get very irritable, but I found that I was calm and relaxed, I was able to interact with him and after two hours was still happy in his company. My wife observed that after a shopping trip how different my behaviour was and how I had no complaints about taking her shopping and how relaxed and easy going I was. Finally, having met with my group on three occasions, I was cool, calm and collected, I fulfilled my duties with calmness and confidence, and no nasty surprises. I would recommend anyone who has a problem with anxiety and nervousness to seek help and ask for a consultation at Oaks Hypnotherapy. Thank you again Carys.’ Mr B – Gwent.

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